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Liverpool    L20 8PD
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Friday night, it's the Fri-Yay Social!

Chilled climbing, with our awesome coaches, great tunes, tips and tricks to improve your climbing, followed by a relaxing beer.

Friyay Pics

At the Hangar, we are always trying to find new ways to help our guests improve, meet more like minded friends and enjoy the relaxing social climbing scene. So you are invited to join us on Friday evenings from 7pm. Lead by our friendly coaches, who will climb with you, show you some of their beta, help you improve your techniques, and generally answer any questions you might have.

We also think this a great chance for you to meet more climbing buddies, and if you are new to climbing or the area, we will be happy to help introduce you to our friendly locals and staff. After the session, you are welcome to hang around and discuss the evening, debate problems and dream up new projects. This is best done over a beer in our cafe, in our opinion! But that is totally up to you, and we have loads of great non-alcoholic drinks and snacks available!