6 Birchall St
Liverpool    L20 8PD
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Hangar Squad is where our brightest junior climbing stars come together to hone their skills with the aim of competing across the North West (and beyond!)

Hangar Squad is an exclusive group and requires dedication. Training takes place twice a week* under the expert guidance of our coaches, and Squad members are expected to work together and support one another in achieving their best performance.

It’s also a place to explore your passion, have fun and make friends. Our Squad kids develop a tonne of confidence, share great experiences and get the opportunity to represent the spirit and tenacity of the Hangar at regional and national events.

We’re looking for 20 committed kids to join us this season. Try outs are open to anyone aged under 18 and take the form of a mini-competition. Current squad members are also being re-assessed so all twenty places are wide open and we’re keen to find some new rising stars!

*Squad members pay a monthly subscription of £40 which includes all coached sessions (8 per month) and unlimited climbing at any time. Parents supervising squad members outside of coaching don’t pay entry and all squad members are signed off to climb in any part of the centre, including the U14s downstairs.