6 Birchall St
Liverpool    L20 8PD
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Love is in the air and on the mats. We're making schmaltzy one for round four - and what's better on a date than showing your beloved just how hard you climb?

Hangar competitions are about just getting stuck in. Whether you're new to bouldering or a seasoned pro, it's about challenging yourself and having fun (obviously our lovely prizes are a bonus!).

We'll have male and female winners in each of the following categories (no cheating when you pick).

  • Under 14s
  • Beginner (V0-V3)
  • Intermediate (V3-V6)
  • Advanced (V6-V9)
  • Vets (over 40)

Every round counts this year so make sure you're on board throughout. As usual there will be much silliness mixed in with the tough climbs and Mix Master Kenny Strange will be on the decks to keep you jumping through the evening.

Competition briefing at 6:20pm, kick off at 6:30pm, prize giving at 9pm (make sure you stick around!)

Normal entry price + £3 scorecard

How do I enter?

No need to book, but register on the Facebook page to be the first to receive scores and leaderboard updates after each round!