Hot hot hot! It’s the Summer Bouldering League 2018

With exciting prizes and a an all new format, the league is a chance to brush up your skills, meet new people and test your mettle against other climbers of a similar standard!

This year you have two weeks to complete each round and a scoring system that means everyone one of every ability is in with a chance of winning. At £3 (plus normal entry) there’s no excuse not to get involved!

The Dates...

Round 1 - 22nd June

Round 2 - 13th July

Round 3 - 3rd August

BBQ End of Summer Celebration – 31st August

How does it work?

Grab yourself a £3 scorecard from the reception desk (one scorecard per participant).

Climb as many of the SBL problems as possible, you have two weeks to work through them.

Mark down your attempts and tally up those scores.

Hand your score card back to the reception and at the end of the two weeks. The winner will then be announced via our blog, Instagram and Facebook.

What's the scoring format?

30 problems will be set ranging from V0-V8,

Your score for each problem is determined by how many attempts you make before completing it.

  • First attempt (flash) = 10pts
  • Second attempt = 7pts
  • Third attempt = 4pts
  • Fourth attempt or more = 1pt

Your total score will then represent your category/pot

For example…

Pot 1: 0 – 50 pointsPot 2: 51 – 100 points

Pot 3: 101 – 150 pointsPot 4: 151 – 200 pointsPot 5: 201 – 250 pointsPot 6: 251 – 300 points