The Hangar Speed Challenge

This September we had a Hangar speed challenge. A tricky blue circuit was set with big bold moves and big jugs so you could move fast on them. It was great fun and the top times at the end blew our minds. We thought 12 second was fast and hard to beat by by the end that was almost halved. The fastest climbers were showered with prizes and 14 prizes were given out in the raffle too so everyone had a chance to be a winner.

We had fun, we hope you had fun and thanks for participating.



Theo Hamm 06.50

Sebastian Pagden-ratcliffe 07.32

János Plocher 07.38

Harry Hart 07.93

Joss Hickey 09.37

Dominic Carr 09.56

Richard Horsford 10.10

Micheal Bryason 10.68

John Self 10.83

Chris Mann 11.03

Chris North 11.28

Timo Lauteslager 11.40

Rory Hutchings 11.48

Micheal bryson 12.94

Benjamin Jones 13.03

Hamish Reed 13.33

Ying Ying Xuan 13.39

Harry Bergs 13.80

Ben Reeve 14.19

Hubert Omanski 15.09

George Swainston 15.12

Loic Estier 15.10

Fernando Eguren Martin 16.76

Victor Barre 17.79

Charlie Edwards 18.15

Graham Raymond 18.88

Kristian Mengel 19.12

Tom Pataillot-Mearin 19.44

Alexander cibulskis 20.81

Richard Cameron 22.95

Joel Klinger 23.59

Alex Pearce 23.72

James Mathias 24.20

Simon Finster 24.39

Jacob Broughton 25.79

Nick Crossley 26.50

Tom Arneil 28.13

Tim Snaith 28.27

Philipp Wiedelamp 28.98

Nikolas Mengel 30.03

Toussain Chomet 32.01

Oliver Hamler 36.38

Adam Almakroud 37.18

Lin Li 27.88

Huw Rees 31.71

Kary Collins 37.95

Rem Ben Messaoud 38.63

Goran Glumac 39.15

Claudio Chesi 40.12

Alexander McKenzie Buchanan 52.29

Harry Alexander 60.08

David William Kent 60.09

Nick Thistleton Smith 124.00

Patrick Massey COMPLETED

Fred Maquet DNF

Pierre Edeouard DNF

Ollie Quilter DNF

Seb Thomas DNF

George Porter DNF

Daniel Terry DNF


Siȃn Maycock 08.78

Eelena Perez 11.92

Kiana Schaefer 11.96

Alix Davies 13.65

Jodie Denmark 15.68

Fiona Macgregor 18.99

Bethany Warner 20.39

Emsy Bemsy 23.00

Tatiana Bridge 24.81

Heloise Chomet 26.62

Ellie Roberts 32.43

Suzy Mai 32.72

Racheal Clark DNF

Rachel Clark DNF

Anna Deus DNF

Ida Danewid DNF

Zoe Hail DNF


Michael Bryceson 10.68

Alice Brown 12.33

Charlie Edwards 18.15

Leo Thislton Smith 30.97

Gabriele Menini 60.03


Annual pass

Joel Klinger

Alexander Cibulskis

One month pass

Rachel Clark

Fernando Eguren Martin

Harry Hart

Harry Alexander


Leo Thistleton-smith

Victor Barr

Alix Davis

John Self

Nick Thistleton-smith

Timo Lauteslager

Tatiana Bridge

Hubert Omanski