Climbing can change the way you look at life.
Climb with us at The Climbing Hangar and surprise yourself.

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6 Birchall St
Liverpool    L20 8PD

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Latest from The Climbing Hangar


Wowzers! The Women's Climbing Symposium is a winner.

Pleased as punch: The Hangar celebrates as the Women's Climbing Symposium wins at national Women's Sport Trust Awards

Bad finger

Best Before Date

What do you do as a climber when you get injured? Are you still a climber if you cannot climb?

Family Bouldering League: The Scores are in!

The final scores for the Family Bouldering League are in, click here to find out where you've placed!


Tech beyond the chalk - virtual reality comes to bouldering

Creative consultants Uniform have unveiled the first virtual reality bouldering coach, and they built it in partnership with The Climbing Hangar

Kids & Families

Little Hangar Holidays and Prices

From Friday 1st April - Sunday 13th April we'll be doing things a little differently for the school holidays.