We want everyone who visits to get the most out of their climbs. If you've never scaled a wall before, our face to face inductions ensure you're safe and successful in your session.

Do I need an induction?

When you check in for your first visit we'll ask you about your climbing experience. If you've climbed before you'll be asked a couple of safety questions just to check you remember everything you've learnt!

If you've never climbed before, or you'd like a refresher, we'll send you off to spend twenty minutes with one of our coaches.

If you're an experienced climber bringing a rookie friend they will need to be inducted by one of our staff. If you're bringing kids make sure to check the information on family climbing.

What does it involve?

Inductions are short sessions covering:

  • A tour of the centre and its facilities
  • A safety briefing
  • Some tips and tricks to get you off the ground
  • A bit of information about what we offer to support new climbers


If you'd like to guarantee a slot, check availability and book online (no upfront payment required). 

We will also aim to run inductions as required throughout the day, although you may have to wait a few minutes for the next session.