It's not all about getting on the wall. We strongly believe that there are a number of ways to practice the strength, stability, agility, balance and concentration required to make an excellent climber.

Our classes are free for members only (£1 booking fee which you can redeem for a hot drink).


Yoga keeps you limber, injury free and makes you strong. We believe its the perfect way to supplement your climbing.

Power Flow with Imen

Fridays 7pm

Strength and Conditioning

Hit a wall, not improving or just want to get strong. Our two excellent strength and conditioning instructors both bring their own unique take on what it takes to get strong for climbing.

Stick with them and we guarantee improvements.

Strength and Conditioning

Mondays at 7pm with Richie or Saturdays at 2pm with Mihai


How fit/strong do I need to be?

You don’t need to be fit or super strong to start climbing. You’ll find problems (what we call individual climbs) you can do on your first visit, and the more you practice the stronger you’ll become! Just make sure you warm up before you start to minimise the risk of injury, and you can get cracking right away (our staff can help if you need guidance – just ask).

What should I wear?

General sports gear is fine. The important thing is to be comfortable, and wear something that allows for a lot of movement. The Hangar is quite susceptible to changes in temperature, so we advice wearing layers to ensure you stay at just the right temperature. 

I don't like heights; how high is the wall?

Bouldering isn’t about climbing high. The wall is only 4.2m at its highest point. And remember, while your hands might be at the top, your feet are unlikely to ever be more than 3m off the ground. The Climbing Hangar has crash mats throughout and we can teach you to land safely to minimise the risk of injury. As you gain in confidence you will stop noticing the heights.

What kind of people go bouldering?

All sorts of people and all ages go bouldering. There’s really no particular ‘type’ although in general boulderers are a friendly and helpful bunch who like nothing more than to see people overcoming their fears and succeeding on the wall. Whether you’re just starting out or climbing in the top grades, everyone has a move that scares them or a challenge that they can’t quite master, and everyone is cheering each other on. We love to meet new people and introduce them to this fantastic sport. You will be warmly welcomed at The Climbing Hangar.