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Do I need to book in advance?

Unless you are booking onto one of our coached classes (such as kids clubs or improvers), there is no need to pre-book for your session. 

If you fancy joining a Taster session on your first visit you can book one of our daily slots or, if you can rustle up more than three or you, arrange a Taster at a time to suit you. Take a look at the classes section for more information, or drop us an email.

I want to come with a mate but they’re much better than me and I’m just starting out. Can we climb together?

We mix the problems on the wall, so beginner’s climbs will be next to more challenging climbs. This means people of all abilities can climb together throughout the centre.

Do I need any training?

When you come for your first climb, you’ll watch our induction video which will help you understand how to use the centre safely. If you want further guidance, you can book a Taster session which gives you some coaching with a member of staff. A lot of people learn to climb simply by watching others, or joining more experienced friends, and we run a beginners course if you’d like to really get to grips with the basics under the watchful eye of an instructor. 

How safe is bouldering?

Bouldering is a risky sport. But as long as you are aware of the particular type of risks associated with bouldering and how to avoid unnecessary dangers, it’s actually no more dangerous than normal kids’ play activities or adult sports. The induction video will tell you what to be aware of and how to stay safe, and our waiver document outlines your responsibilities as a Climbing Hangar customer. We’re fully insured and our team is qualified in coaching (and first aid should you need it).

Why do I need to pre-register?

We do everything we can to make climbing fun, but it is still a dangerous activity. Registering is our way of making sure that you've had the basic safety messages. It includes a short video that explains what bouldering is and tips on how to stay safe on the wall. You'll then answer a couple of questions to make sure you've got the main points and be asked to complete a waiver document stating that you understand what you're getting yourself in to!

It takes a few minutes and it's often easier to do it at home so when you arrive for your first climb you're all set to go.

We want to bring a group of kids down, how many adults need to be with the group.

You must have one adult with you for every two children, and this includes children who aren't climbing. So for four children you would need two adults; for four children climbing and a baby you would need three adults. You will be turned away if there aren't enough adults to supervise the kids as our insurance wouldn't cover you. Take a look at our guidance on supervising children at the Climbing Hangar.

The only exception to this is where you have done our instructor training in order to bring down a school or youth group.

Do you run children's parties at The Climbing Hangar

No, we don't run children's parties. If you'd like to bring a group of children to The Hangar under your supervision you're very welcome - please get in touch with us before hand and we'll talk to you about what's possible.

I'm 16 and I'd like to come and climb without an adult. Is this possible?

14-17 years olds can climb at the Hangar unsupervised, but you must be accompanied by an adult on your first visit in order for the waiver to be signed off. This still applies if you complete the registration at home before your visit. Unfortunately if you don't have a parent or guardian with you on your first climb, we won't be able to let you on to the wall due to our insurance. 

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