Nothing breaks down boundaries like sharing new experiences, and climbing is an excellent way to put everyone on a level footing. As an alternative to more traditional corporate team building, an awayday at the Climbing Hangar offers lots of opportunities for collaborative problem solving, finding hidden talents and developing a whole host of new skills.

Why not do something different this Christmas?

Why bouldering?

Bouldering takes you out of your comfort zone, but in fact it's incredibly accessible and a great way to bring people together.

  • Sessions cater for all ages, abilities and fitness levels, meaning everyone can get involved from the get go.
  • It’s very accessible – you will conquer your first climb within ten minutes of getting started
  • For most people it will be entirely new; doing something you didn’t know you could do is exhilarating and new experiences build bonds that will go back to the office with you
  • It encourages collaboration that’s well outside of the normal office experience. Everyone has their own strengths and climbing is a fantastic demonstration of how they come together to create success!

What's involved?

We can tailor your climbing experience to be whatever you want it to be. You’ll have one of our qualified instructors on hand throughout your session, and all abilities can climb in the same space, so it’s ideal for mixed groups.

Most importantly, however, we want you to have fun! Whatever your aims for the session, just drop us a line with your requirements and we’ll see what we can do.

We can cater for groups of up to 20. Our basic package starts at £17.50 per person and includes the following:

  • Up to two hours at the centre
  • At least an hour’s climbing with one of our qualified instructors
  • All equipment hire
  • Refreshments

Need something extra?

Looking to combine your climb with presentations or meetings?

We can suggest some nearby venues that provide excellent meeting facilities, as well as restaurants and drinking dens if you want to celebrate your climbing successes!


How fit/strong do I need to be?

You don’t need to be fit or super strong to start climbing. You’ll find problems (what we call individual climbs) you can do on your first visit, and the more you practice the stronger you’ll become! Just make sure you warm up before you start to minimise the risk of injury, and you can get cracking right away (our staff can help if you need guidance – just ask).

What equipment do I need?

You don’t need to bring anything with you except your enthusiasm and some comfortable clothes. Shoes and chalk are available to hire at The Climbing Hangar (included in Taster and 1-2-3 card entry), and if you want to buy your own kit then our on-site shop has everything you need, including a shoe fitting service.

What should I wear?

General sports gear is fine. The important thing is to be comfortable, and wear something that allows for a lot of movement. The Hangar is quite susceptible to changes in temperature, so we advice wearing layers to ensure you stay at just the right temperature. 

I want to come with a mate but they’re much better than me and I’m just starting out. Can we climb together?

We mix the problems on the wall, so beginner’s climbs will be next to more challenging climbs. This means people of all abilities can climb together throughout the centre.

I don't like heights; how high is the wall?

Bouldering isn’t about climbing high. The wall is only 4.2m at its highest point. And remember, while your hands might be at the top, your feet are unlikely to ever be more than 3m off the ground. The Climbing Hangar has crash mats throughout and we can teach you to land safely to minimise the risk of injury. As you gain in confidence you will stop noticing the heights.

We want to bring a group of kids down, how many adults need to be with the group.

You must have one adult with you for every two children, and this includes children who aren't climbing. So for four children you would need two adults; for four children climbing and a baby you would need three adults. You will be turned away if there aren't enough adults to supervise the kids as our insurance wouldn't cover you. Take a look at our guidance on supervising children at the Climbing Hangar.

The only exception to this is where you have done our instructor training in order to bring down a school or youth group.