What is bouldering?

Fun, inclusive and good for you, bouldering is about exercising your mind as much as your body.

Bouldering is rock climbing in its purest form -  - it's all about movement and problem solving skills.

You don't climb very high in bouldering, no more than four and a half meters; it is about difficulty rather than height.  A boulderer seeks to use their problem solving skills, balance and strength to 'solve' the climb by deciding on what techniques to use and when.  It is a vertical & physical strategy game best done with friends.

Bouldering is a uniquely social way of doing sport. You need virtually no equipment and everyone can do it together, in the same space, at their own level of challenge.  In a bouldering gym, all areas are mixed ability so you can climb with your mum, your kids, your partner, whoever - so you get to hang out with your favourite people while you do your favourite thing. 

People use bouldering for power, for endurance, for fun, for agility and core.  Bouldering is a versatile way of staying strong, supple and toned.