We like to mix it up a bit at the Hangar, and we strongly believe in training away from the wall to get better on the wall. Join one of our yoga sessions to build the strength, stability, agility, and focus to become an excellent climber.

Availability and booking for all our classes

Combine your yoga practice with strength and conditioning sessions to develop all round capabilities


Yoga can be a huge benefit to climbers as it helps to develop a mindful connection with the body, as well as building strength, flexibility and balance. The techniques, concentration and breathing used to achieve poses and challenge yourself on the mat can be transferred to the wall to help you progress your climbing. But sessions also give you an opportunity to relax, stretch and enjoy some space to feel more grounded in your day to day life.

Sessions are available (and suitable for) every ability level, and you don't need to be a climber to come along!


18.30 Monday/Thursday

Sessions are 1 hour long. Available to over 18s, cost £6.50 (£4.50 for members).


Acroyoga has come into its own for climbers in the last couple of years, especially with the likes of Shauna and Leah using it as a fun way to augment their climbing training through balance, trust, teamwork and confident movement.

Lead by Jo Thyssen, acroyoga is a great way to build strength, flexibility, develop skills you never knew you had, improve co-ordination and have lots of fun. Our acroyoga classes are tailored for those both new to acroyoga and those with some experience already who want to refine their skills.

Sessions will consist of:

  • Drills to bring about integral body awareness and train new muscles
  • Calibrations for partner work
  • Breaking down acroyoga poses to make them accessible for all
  • Learning how to transition between poses

You'll also explore being upside down in a safe and supported way. - We love working with handstands and headstands.

You're welcome to come as a pair, or team up with someone from the class (a great way to make new friends!).

Sessions run on Tuesday evenings 19.00-20.30; and Friday evenings 19.30-21.00.