Whether you’re a rookie climber or a seasoned pro, we’re very glad to have you as part of the Hangar family.

Before you do anything else pre-register online to make more time for climbing at the wall.

Is this your first climbing experience?

This is going to be a lot of fun!

All new climbers are required to complete a Hangar induction. We run them throughout the day and although you're welcome to drop in, we'd recommend guaranteeing your place by booking online. Inductions are included in the cost of entry, but if you want to get the most out of climbing they're priceless!

Your induction will take about 20 minutes and once you’re done you’re free to climb for as long as you want.

Already know your stuff?

Then thanks for coming to see what the Hangar's about.

If you’ve climbed before we’ll just ask you a couple of safety questions at reception and then you’re ready to rock. But if you’re bringing a Rookie friend they will need to complete an induction with us.

Bringing the kids?

If your little ones aren’t coming to a climbing club and you don’t intend to climb with them, you’ll still need to come to an induction to find out how to keep them safe. 

You can join any of our regular induction sessions and if you’re not climbing you’ll only pay entry for the kids.

Kids can climb aged four and up, but little ones aged 4-7 are only able to climb as part of a kid’s club and those aged 8-13 must be supervised by one adult for every two children

What should I bring?

Nothing except yourself, comfortable clothes (layers are best) and plenty of fun. Shoes and chalk are included in your entry price. We have lockers and changing rooms on site.

Next steps

We want you to be able to climb better, whether this is your first time or your fifty first. 

Our progression sessions are a whole range of coaching and skills surgeries that are included in your standard entry price, including socials to help you get to know each other as well as the walls!

Check the events page for booking and to see the full schedule, including paid for coaching and fitness classes.