Slab skills

Get to grips with slab climbing with our handy skills videos

Free Running

Summer in the City - urban activity multi-pass

Free running, ninja fit and climbing - all in one pass for the summer

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Best in the West - the scores!

TCH Liverpool celebrated the Best in the West on 16th June - here are the results

Climbing Comp Hangar 4

Why you should do a climbing comp

Why compete? We're often put off competing for fear of scoring badly or looking silly, but is winning the only reason we compete?

Recruiting a Marketing superstar!

Join the Hangar Head Office and make the world of difference to our customers


Mick Crosbie - Liverpool Centre Manager - Q&A

Meet Mick Crosbie - Liverpool Centre Manager

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Winter Bouldering League Results 2017/18

WBL 17/18 Overall scores! See how you placed overall!

Plymouth 7

WBL 2017/2018 - Round 4 Results

With one round of The Climbing Hangar's Winter Bouldering League to go, see where you're placed! It's all to play for!

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WBL 2017/18 - Round 3 Results

The results for Round 3 of the Winter Bouldering League are up!