Photo Gallery: Singles Night

A selection of images from our Valentines bash

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Winter Bouldering League Round 3 Results

Check out the latest scores from Round 3 of the WBL

Climbing Hangar Job

Deputy General Manager Wanted

London Photo

Winter Bouldering League Round 2 Results

Check out the results of Round 2 of the Winter Bouldering League

Plymouth 2

Growing the Hangar: New Swansea venue set to open in Spring 2019

The Climbing Hangar has secured a new climbing venue in Swansea

Winter Bouldering League Round One Results

Shauna Black And White

What is bouldering?

Fun, inclusive and good for you, bouldering is about exercising your mind as much as your body.

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The Hangar Speed Challenge

Find out the results of our Hangar Speed Challenge

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Take a look at what’s happening at The Hangar this Autumn.

New pricing, great events and London's favourite winter league!