Winter Bouldering League Round 1 Sneak Peak Results

We’ve had great fun watching you smear, cheer and then land on your rear throughout Round 1 of our #WinterBoulderingLeague. To thank you for making us chuckle, we thought we’d give you a sneak peak of the top 5 climbers in each category – you’re welcome!

Our #HangarHeroes:

Seth Macdonald 291
Alex Oates 285
Ryan Blackmore 282
Rory Bascombe 275
Zack Graham 268

Our #HangarHeroines:

Kiera Law 204
Libby Moore 201
Jess Carr 197
Yamer Atkinson Annear 195
Rebecca Lane 190

Our #HangarProdigies:

Seth Hartigan


Will Harper


Nathaniel Parkes


Ollie Whittingham


Rafal Iskierski